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Cintiq Update - 28/3/16

EDIT-- 29-3-16
Jumping back in here rather than making a whole new post because there's really not enough news for it.
I'm definitely settling for a 13HD now, and as nervous as that cable makes me, I think it'll be better in the long run. At the very least, I can get this one a lot faster than I hoped, maybe even as early as the middle of next week, which would be /fantastic./
Variable #1 may just have been cancelled out. Fingers crossed!

I really hoped that last news article really would be the last one, but apparently not.

The company that I went to to try to order a Companion 2 doesn't stock them, Amazon sells them at bizarrely inflated prices, and Wacom doesn't ship to Canada. That leaves me with only two store options, and they're likely going to tell me the same thing as the first store... which means I'd have to revert to a 13HD instead. At first glance, that's not a bad thing. It's not what I had my heart set on, but it's basically what I've had for the last 5 years anyway, and it's a good machine. I'd be very happy with it.... except that the 3-in-1 cable could very easily be damaged with the way my setup has to be, and it's both expensive and hard to replace because, from what I've read, Wacom doesn't keep them in stock very well. (And of course, because it's a specialty cable, I couldn't just get a generic replacement like I did with the 12WX back in the day. Boo.)
The thought of this makes me very nervous.

So... I guess that's variable #1. Tack on another week to my original estimate.

As usual, updates as I have them.

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