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General Update 8/7/2015

I'll probably reiterate this in the comments under the next update just because I have no idea how many people, if any, read this news section, but here's the scoop:

As of this writing, I've just finished inking page 26/31 of chapter 4. The last 5 pages aren't too tricky, but it's looking like I won't be able to compress Under a Violet Moon into multi-update weeks like I hoped. Still, considering everything that's happened in the past year, I think I've caught up pretty well.

My goal is to be colouring the new pages by the time Haircut wraps up in 3 weeks, but we'll see how it goes. (Bonus points to me for colouring the title page and first page months ago, so I've got a two page buffer already. xD)

Ahh, flats, my ancient enemy. Soon we shall meet again on the field of combat...

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