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With the return of the comic, I find myself looking at the layout and groaning. I am no master of webpage aesthetic or coding, but this old shit is on its way out.
Let it be known that I am actively working on renovations. It may not be spring yet, but I don't care - spring cleaning season just started early. We're not looking at a complete redesign (mostly because of that pesky "shit at coding" thing - this is an easy template to work with...) but it should be enough to at least revitalize the site a bit. I'll also be looking into fixing up some of the extra pages a bit - the Cast page in particular could use a bit of beautification, methinks.

Long story short, if you see something that looks really godawful weird... don't panic, it's just me. xD

-- Meg


Just caught a look at the site's banner... That's definitely getting an update, too. Ugh...

posted by TrinitySilph @ February 4th, 2014, 3:12 am  -  0 Comments

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