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Progress Updates and Anniversary Event

Hey everyone - long time no see!
Just popping in to let you know that I am actively working on the comic and progress is being made. I don't want to make any promises I can't keep so I'm just gonna keep mum for now, but don't fret - new pages are on their way!

In other news, this February is Amaravati's 5th anniversary! (because I'm counting the 2009 original version and you can't stop me. ;))
To celebrate, think it would be cool to post some guest art around the date (Feb 12th). Now, I'm not expecting much, obviously, but if anyone wants to contribute, please let me know! Donations are fabulous, but I'm also offering art trades if that would sweeten the deal. My only criteria there is that you finish your half first so I don't spend time on a trade when I won't be getting anything back. Time is precious, dearies! ;)
I will also be requesting commissions over on Subeta, so if you'd like some sP or maybe CSC (depending on quality) give me a shout - I'm TrinitySilph there, too. =)

Interested SJ members can reach me by PM.
Non-SJ members can get ahold of me through devianART (TrinitySilph) or Tumblr (Amaravati-Universe) as I am not yet comfortable lifting the guest commenting ban.

Cheers, dahlings! See you soon!

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