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Tablet Troubles

Well... I've got a couple pages in progress, but I can't complete them right now. Unfortunately, my Cintiq's screen has developed a yellow tint and that makes colouring damn near impossible. I'm still going to try to do some sketches and inks, but unfortunately I won't be able to complete anything until Wacom gets back to me about the problem and I can resolve it. I might try to switch so that both monitors are the same rather than working with dual monitors, but that's really only a temporary fix.

Oh well - maybe I'll build up something that looks kinda like the start of a buffer while I work on getting everything running again.

See you soon, folks. :P

EDIT - 16/04
So I've figured out what the problem was - the VGA cable is either faulty or was damaged somehow and now needs to be propped up just right in order to work properly. I've only had this thing since Christmas so the warranty covers the replacement, but in the meantime... that's annoying, that is. :P
In other news, I'm really tempted to just not update at all until this chapter is finished and then have an actual weekly update schedule for a while instead of random bi- or tri-monthly updates. Summer vacation starts after my last exam in 6 days, so I'm gonna have time soon...
We'll see. But if you don't hear from me for a long while, that's what I'm doing.

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