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Tentative Date for Chapter 3

Ok, here I am with another quick update on the upcoming chapter 3:

It's coming.

I've been away for the last 3 weeks, travelling around Ireland and London (only enough time for one full country, I'm afraid. :P) and that means I wasn't able to do a whole lot, but I did manage to get the flats for two pages finished and there are another three inked and waiting for colour. The chapter itself has been finalized and I've thumbnailed about fifteen pages in total, ten of which that need to be drawn. It's not a lot, but I think if I keep up at this pace I might be able to begin posting Chapter 3 by Christmas. I'd like to have it done by then or sooner (sooner would be better, obviously) but since this is only a hobby and I go back to school in a week I have to be tentative about setting a date. Still, that's my goal: 1 chapter complete by Christmas with production beginning on the next.

.... this is gonna be a long haul. ^^;;

Also, you may have noticed the new site banner. I like it lots better than the first one. >w>

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