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Quick Update Time

My, my... where has the time gone? I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed the "29 days since last update" note on Amaravati's profile. This said, I thought I should drop in with a quick update... but who actually sees these news articles? Oh well, it's worth a shot. :P

The page I owe you --the penultimate page of chapter 2-- is almost done. I just have to finish up some shading and add dialogue and then I'll have it ready. I have some other things to attend to as well, but if I don't get a stupid amount of homework over the next week or so I should be able to get it out... maybe by next friday? I really hope so.

Thanks for your patience, readers, and I hope you'll look forward to the new page.
If you're interested in the meantime, Amaravati's "sister sites" option is still open and you're welcome to send me a PM about it. =)


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