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Sorry guys, the new page is MIA this week.
See, the problem with devoting your time to drawing is that you start getting a sore wrist. I've been wearing a little elastic-y brace thing for the past couple weeks to support a fantastically swollen tendon... or two. The good news is that I have in fact started the new page. The bad news is that I have to take a break until my wrist stops aching again. It shouldn't take too long - this has happened before. I just really want to give it a rest so I don't end up with carpal tunnel or tendonitis or something (which is a distinct possibility here ^^;;).

In other good news, I've got a good start on the title page, and Amaravati is officially going to be divided up into three volumes. Neither of these things really effects any of my readers if they don't enjoy seeing the pretty pictures on said title page, but I'm having fun with it. Hopefully I'll be able to post a double title-page-new-page update when my wrist is better.


Oh, and before I forget again... I'm looking at doing a Links page for some of my favourite webcomics and anyone who wants a slot there is more than welcome provided they also link back to Amaravati. Send me a PM if you're interested. ;)

posted by TrinitySilph @ March 4th, 2011, 2:43 pm  -  0 Comments

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