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Well, as you will soon find out (if you check before noon) I don't have an update for you today. The page that was supposed to be posted is sitting in my folder about 80% completed and I'll see if I can get it out next week but with classes wrapping up I'm sure you can forgive me while I try to pass. :P
I don't know who's actually going to notice and read this (who reads the news, really?) but I thought I'd give you a shout-out anyway to let you know what's going on. I'm hoping to have a buffer built up again for the new year but at this point I can't really promise anything. The good news is that I've got four pages waiting in the wings for ink and paint so if I can get them done quickly I might be back on schedule by the time the new year starts. We'll see.
Either way, I'll get something special done for Christmas. What would you like to see? There will probably be a mini-comic like last time, of course, but would you like to see a painting? Some character sketches? Previews of new characters? Pictures of the plushies I started and never finished? hehe...err... *cough*
Whatever you think, let me know through comments, PM, or however else you can think of. But whatever you decide, do it quickly so I can get it done for Christmas. ;)


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