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Well... it has certainly been a while... O.o

I thought I'd let you all know where Amaravati stands as of now, since most of my updates about it have been on Angel Wings and, I believe, my deviantART journal. I'm a little miffed with myself that I never posted here... *grumble*
Well, anyway, here it is:

Amaravati wasn't satisfying my muse, so I took a step back to look at it more critically. I never intended to give it up, but it seems that a little hiatus was just what it needed. I have now revised the plot, changing it almost completely in the process, added a couple new characters and finished it. Originally I had been stumbling with the conclusion, wondering where the story was really going, but now I have a dramatic climax and sweet ending (I hope). Character designs are in the works and, though the original designs for Itha, Ryo and Lance probably won't change there's a good chance that some others (who you haven't seen yet, lucky me xD) will. The next page will be finished (or just redone... I'm not sure about it yet) as soon as I can find time to work on it. In the meantime, check out Angel Wings at http://angelwings.smackjeeves.com and keep on the lookout for the new Amaravati page. I'll try to throw in a little treat as well, as a thank you for being so patient with me. ^^

--Scrambles off to work on webcomics--

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