The Author
Meg Rowe. 24, artist, writer, attention span of a grapefruit. May be bribed with copious amounts of chocolate.
Until a proper profile picture can be produced, she has taken the form of the Slenderbreadman.

The Comic
Amaravati is my first foray into comics. It began in February of 2009, received a full reboot in 2010, and has continued, if slowly, ever since. It has been a learning tool and progress marker for many years.
And really, that's all there is to say. If you're a fan of fantasy, adventure, and drama with a touch of romance... Feel free to watch me fumble. It'll be an adventure for both of us.

Amaravati updates Fridays whenever possible. It is not meant for children and involves violence and swearing, but no excessive gore or nudity.

Fear the Slenderbread Man

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