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Welcome to Amaravati

Princess Itharelandriel Baer'Nathen quests to lift her brother's curse in any way possible, guided and protected by her new friends, Ryo and Lance.

In this fantasy of magic and mystery, nothing is as it seems and the truth is buried in a tale that began over two thousand years before.

--Updates when a college student can manage--
WARNING: Some language and violence may not be suitable for all audiences.


17 Apr 2016 01:39 pm

Cintiq Acquired! -- 17-04-16

At long last, the cintiq has been replaced. It took a couple days of messing with settings and whatnot, since Wacom seems determined to not just install and work like every other product on the market... but I finished a page for the first time in a month last night and that feels pretty damn good.
It'll still be a couple weeks before I've got a buffer built back up, however, so I'm reaching out to some of my comics friends to do some guest pages. Not sure who's available yet, but keep an eye out for some great work, because they're all amazing. =)

See you soon!

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