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Welcome to Amaravati

Princess Itharelandriel Baer'Nathen quests to lift her brother's curse in any way possible, guided and protected by her new friends, Ryo and Lance.

In this fantasy of magic and mystery, nothing is as it seems and the truth is buried in a tale that began over two thousand years before.

--Updates when a college student can manage--
WARNING: Some language and violence may not be suitable for all audiences.


22 Sep 2016 03:11 am

Chapter 5 Progress -- 22-09-2016

Just checking in for anyone who may be waiting for Chapter 5.

I'm really enjoying working on it, but it's still nowhere near done. It's going to be a while, I'm afraid.
That said, it's taking a while because I'm taking my time. These pages are my best work yet and I'm very happy with the 11 I've inked so far.
I would consider starting updates before the chapter is finished, but I've been thinking I might like to update twice a week to finish off volume 1, which means I need a bigger buffer.

The next update from me is likely to be a Halloween special - I had plans for a short comic, but they kinda fell through so I hope everyone can get behind a single drawing. :P

If you're still reading, thanks so much for your patience. Updates will resume as soon as I'm able. =)

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